Sonoma Cache Cleaner  Maintenance Utility for macOS

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Sonoma Cache Cleaner is an award winning general purpose tool for macOS.  SCC makes system maintenance simple with an easy point and click interface to many macOS functions.  Novice and expert users alike will appreciate the powerful toolset SCC provides.  Sonoma Cache Cleaner is one of the world's leading maintenance tools with millions of downloads around the globe.


Sonoma Cache Cleaner is a one stop solution for all of your macOS maintenance needs.  Intel or PPC, Tiger or Sonoma, SCC has the tools to keep your system running at its best.  SCC Documents and the SCC Engine maintain system health by providing full automation of common maintenance chores including virus scanning of internet downloads.  The SCC Engine can even repair permissions automatically after software installations.  With the SCC Engine, powerful system maintenance and antivirus can be completely transparent or as close as your menu bar.


Sonoma Cache Cleaner can improve system performance by tuning internet and file cache settings, implementing ram disks, and cleaning out various cached and stale data.  SCC includes tools to help optimize files and memory.  SCC can recover wasted disk space by eliminating language localization files and slimming Universal Binaries.


Sonoma Cache Cleaner lets you control your macOS experience.  Turn off Spotlight or Dashboard, or turn on a Login Items Folder.  SCC can tweak many macOS features to suit your tastes.  All without permanently altering or harming your system.

Disaster Planning

Sonoma Cache Cleaner lets you create a bootable Installer USB drive from your Sonoma download that will boot and install Sonoma on any supported machine.  Sonoma Cache Cleaner lets you create bootable Emergency Disks that include system repair utilities and SCC's powerful cache cleaning functions.  If disaster strikes, the power of Sonoma Cache Cleaner is available at the command prompt in Single User Mode.  Registered users of SCC can install a portable version on a flash drive or iPod.  Sonoma Cache Cleaner Portable runs on any supported Mac and is a great tool for testing hard drives, screen pixels, batteries,  ram, and more before buying a machine.


Sonoma Cache Cleaner helps protect your system from malware.  SCC adds three additional layers of malware protection to Big Sur, and ships with the powerful ClamAV antivirus built in.  SCC can scan your downloads on the fly providing industrial strength virus protection from Mac and Windows threats.

And even more features...

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Requirements:  Universal Binary requires macOS 10.4 - 14.5

Download Sonoma Cache Cleaner 19.0.5 (178.2 Mb)

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